Belgian rider wins Grand Prix – Three Danes in top-519-05-2024 - 16:22

A thrilling 3-star Grand Prix on a 155 cm high course concluded a great event today. Belgian Aaron Tijskens took the victory, with home rider Søren Møller Rohde following as the only other rider to go clear in both the main round and the jump-off.


47 horse-and-rider pairs competed in the highest event of the Longines EEF Series at Stutteri Ask, Martofte. Only three managed to go clear and secure a spot in the decisive jump-off.


Among the riders in the jump-off were two Danes, but in the end, it was the sole foreign rider who secured the win. With a fast and faultless jump-off, young Aaron Tijskens was celebrated as the winner of the Stutteri Ask Grand Prix. He rode the 12-year-old Hurricane.


To the delight of the audience, Danish Søren Møller Rohde, head rider at Stutteri Ask, made it to the jump-off on his home turf. With a clear round, he secured second place with the mare Grace Ask.


Third place went to Danish talent Caroline Rehoff Pedersen, who with the horse Chacball, delivered the first clear round in the main round. In the jump-off, a single fault resulted in a third-place finish.


The remaining top-5 spots went to riders who went clear over the obstacles but did not manage to stay within the time limit. Best among them was Zascha Nygaard Lill with Conterno-Blue PS, who was just 0.79 seconds short of a clear round. She took fourth place.


Fifth place went to German Max Haunhorst with Jack v’t Plutoniahof, who had two time faults in the main round.


Finnish Victory in 1-Star Grand Prix

The event concluded with the 140 cm high 1-star Grand Prix, where Finnish Petra Heikkinen won riding Hurby.


Second place went to Danish Tina Lund with Gotcha, while another Dane, Theodor Linde, took third place with Talinka de Quelennec Z.


Happy Organizing Team

This is the first international event organized by Stutteri Ask, and the organizers are very pleased with the positive feedback they received over the days.


"We are very happy that riders have given such positive feedback, and we are proud that we managed to complete this event. This is largely due to our excellent staff and volunteers, who are all willing to put in the extra effort required. We look forward to hosting such events again in the future and hope to see many of the riders who visited us this week in the future," says Betina Møller Jensen from Stutteri Ask.


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