The Young Breeder World Championship 2024 will be on home soil for the young breeders of the Danish Warmblood Association, as it has been decided to hold the championship in Denmark.

If you are between 14-23 years old and interested in horses and breeding, then have a look at "Ung i DV's" events and training sessions - perhaps you could be one of the team candidates for the Young Breeder World Championship in 2024?

No matter how old you are it will be possible to watch and cheer as a spectator for the excellent young breeders. 

Last week Inge Madsen attended the WBFSH General Assembly in Dresden, where she as a President of the International Young Breeders revealed, that the Young Breeder World Championship will be in Denmark again in 2024. - "Denmark hosted the Young Breeder World Championship back in 2005 at Vilhelmsborg, but this time it will be held in the wonderful surroundings of Stutteri Ask, which will be welcoming the young talents from all over the world in July 2024."

If you want to be a part of this event in one way or another, you are more than welcome to contact Inge at noerrelund@post.tele.dk.


At Stutteri Ask we have a lot of very talented employees and several of them have been participating at the Young Breeder World Championships as a representative for "Ung i Dansk Varmblod" in France, Sweden, Canada, Austria and Holland. 

We look forward to contribute to the event in 2024 with our new facilities, which will deliver the perfect base for the championship. 


What is the Young Breeder World Championship?

The Young Breeder World Championship are held every second year. "Ung i Dansk Varmblod" selects two teams consisting of 4 juniors (16-19 years old) and 4 seniors (20-25 years old) from the trainings session in the spring.


At the Young Breeder World Championship the participants are being judged in:

  • Pattering a horse
  • Judging of exterieur and basic gaits
  • Judging of horses jumping loose
  • Theory questions (illnesses, feeding, riding and breeding)
  • Mascot competition
  • Grooming competition


Read more about Young Breeder World Championship and the courses of "Ung i Dansk Varmblod" here