DVH 1186 | DARK FUKS | B. 2007 | 170 CM

Baloubet Du Rouet Galoubet A Almé Z
Mesange Du Rouet Starter
Klaire D'Honvault Clair De B'Neville Gaverdi
Gitane D'Honvault Quam De La Lande
Venus De L'Anglaie

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- International top jumping pedigree.
- The sire Baloubet Du Rouet has an outstanding show record.
- The dam Klaire D'Honvauilt is an international Grand Prix horse.

Todt Un Price Ask is a very typical Baloubet du Rouet son according to his model and his genious.

The sire Baloubet du Rouet is one of the world's best sport stallions through history. He is a classic French horse, atletic, fast, powerful, rideable and impressing he was competing to the age of 18. He has been successful since his younger years and has been winning several top classes with his rider Nelson Pessoa. He is the only horse having won three World Cup finals in a row: Helsinki 1998, Gothenberg 1999 and Las Vegas 2000 under the saddle of Rodrigo Pessoa.

The dam Klaire Honvault was successful in international classes up to 160 cm herself. Todt Un Prince Ask is her oldest offspring, but there are some younger promising horses after Todt.
Other horses out of this dam line: Kika d'Honvault ISO 140, Ugo de l'Anglaie ISO 172, Istambul A ICC 161

Todt Un Prince Ask has been approved in Danish Warmblood gaining these notes: 7,5 7 8,5 9 7 8 8 9.

Description: Big-framed, a little bit heavy stallion of very good type. Normal head, suitable long neck, a bit low set. Long, sloping shoulder, with good room to move at elbow. Long, well marked withers. Very flexible top line. Long, well shaped and muscular croup. Lean forelegs with shapely hoofs. French. Lean hindlegs with shapely hoofs. Well balanced and spacious canter.

Todt Un Prince Ask is approved by Danish Warmblood and Selle Francais.

WFFS status: Negativ

Breeding fee: EUR 1.400,- + VAT



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