DVH 1167 | BROWN | B. 2006 | 167 cm

Quintero Ask Quantum Quidam de Revel SF
Ulla V H
Ibara HSP Chamonix
S-Capacabana H
Picolina I ZB1-SP Caretino Caletto II
Isidor H
Alma Sosta M H Coriander
Spange H

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- Internationale victories and placings under Rolf Göran Bengtsson and Karen Møller Rohde
- International top pedigree
- The father Quintero Ask has several victories and placings in international top sport
- The mother Picolina was Mare of the year at the elite mare show in Holsten

Quarz Ask convinced both the approval committee and the spectators during the approval in Neumünster.
This son of Quintero especially showed his big moving potential and his attitude. His biggest talent though is his jumping skills: carefulness, fast reactions, style and great capacity.

Quarz Ask is also approved in Danish Warmblood with the following approval notes: 8-8-9-10-7-8-9-9

Description: Suitable noble stallion, with middle long legs but very good type. Nice face, suitable lon, well placed neck. Long, sloping shoulder with enough room to move the elbow. Long, well marked withers. Very supple top line. Mittel long, well shaped croup, good thigh muscles. Nice limbs. Suplle and well balanced canter.

His mother Picolina was mare of the year in 2003 at the elite mare show in Elmshorn with best type and basic gaits in Holstein. She proved her value at the mares test, where she had the note 10,0 for free jumping and from the test rider. Hun passed the test with a total score of 8,99. Picolinas mares stemm 5064 is also the stemm of the sires Calido I and II, Paramount, Little Rock and Ukato.

In his 30-days-test Quarz Ask got a note of 8,0 or higher for interior, walk, trot, rideability and jumping capacity. At the stallion test in Schlieckau Quarz Ask got the note 9,0 for jumping capacity, jumping style and cross canter.

Quarz Ask earned victories and placings under Markus Suchalla in Reitpferdeprüfungen and was third at the Landeschampionat in Elmshorn 2010. In 2012 he was placed in M** (1,35 m). He also qualified for the Bundeschampionatet for 6-years-old in Warendorf.

His first year of foals imppressed with a high moving potential. This gave him an index of 123.

Quarz Ask is apporved in Danish Warmblood and Holsteiner Verband.

WFFS status: Negativ

Breeding fee: EUR 1000,- + VAT



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