DVH 763 | BROWN | B. 1994 | DEAD 2007 | 171 CM

Le Condeen Grand Veneur Amour Du Bois
Tanagra G
Carbonniere Red Star II XX
Regence L M
Gnomide Quastor Ibrahim
La Citadelle
Oleine Gordium

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- Won the French Championship in Fontainebleau as a 6-years-old
- Won the 7-years-old Championship at the CSIO Falsterbo
- The full brother Vondeen was French Champion and competed at the WC-final
- Out of one of the best mare lines in France

Gipsy Ask is a S-horse himself and has been taken into the Jumping Horse Program of DW.

Gipsy D’Ask was competing in the final of the French Jumping Championship in Fontainebleau at the age of 4, 5 and 6 years. After winning the 6-years-old Championatship in Fontainebleau, Gipsy D´Ask earned several victories and placings in S-classes in the season 2001, amongst others he won the 7-years-old Championat at the CSIO Falsterbo.

Specifically he gives his enormous capacity and his attitude to defeat the obstacles to his offspring.

Gipsy D'Ask Ask has been approved in Danish Warmblood and Selle Francais

WFFS status: Unkown / not testet

Only frozen semen
Breeding fee: EUR 800,- + VAT



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Offsprings by Gipsy D'Ask

Gandalf Ask 
efter Gipsy D'AskGandalf Ask
efter Gipsy D'Ask
Ginny Ask
efter Gipsy D'AskGinny Ask
efter Gipsy D'Ask
Gilbert Ask
efter Gipsy D'AskGilbert Ask
efter Gipsy D'Ask
Hallie Ask
efter Gipsy D'AskHallie Ask
efter Gipsy D'Ask