DVH 1035 | BLACK BROWN | B. 2005 | 175 cm

Diamant De Semilly Le Tot De Semilly Grand Veneur
Venue Du Tot
Venise Des Cresles Elf III
Miss Des Cresles
Ukase Ter Putte Darco Lugano Van La Roche
Quinette Ter Putte Quidam De Revel
Lady Ter Putte

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- Champion stallion with the best blood lines
- 901,5 points at DW's 35-days-test
- Father of the champion stallion in Herning 2014 2015 2017 and 2018.
- A jumping horse with international class !

Diamant De Semilly – Darco – Quidam de Revel.
Favorit Ask is probably the one jumping sire in Denmark, who has the best blood lines in his pedigree in means of performance breeding. All three sires in his pedigree have been competing either at European or World Championships or at the Olympics and have won several Grand Prix's and World Cup qualifications.

Favorit Ask was announced as a superior champion stallion in the division of 5-years-old and older stallions at the approval in Herning after having won the 35-days-test with 901,5 points. During the approval in Herning he was the one stallion, everybody was talking about.
Bo Kristoffersen gave this comment, as Favorit Ask won the LA jumping with the note 9,2:
"He is the king of this course."

He got the following approval description:

Jumping characterized, big-framed stallion of very good type.
Normal head, adequate long and well placed neck.
Long, sloping shoulder. Long, well marked withers. Enough room to move at elbow.
Very supple top line. Long, well shaped and muscular croup.
Well placed limbs. Soft fetlocks in front, upright fetlocks behind. Well shaped hoofs.
Very good carrying canter with good balance.

Approval notes: 8-8-9-10 7-7 9 9

The magazine "Ridehesten" wrote: It was a popular and very natural choice, as the approval committee decided to put the top modern Diamant de Semilly-son Favorit Ask in front amongst the elder jumping stallions.
He received the note 10 for his top line, and the approval committee decribed him as a very modern stallion with interesting blood lines, big framed with long legs and a stallion with an exceptional capacity.

After a busy breeding season he also represented Danish Warmblood at the World Championship for Young Jumpers at Zangersheide, where he only got one time fault in three rounds, but unfortunately this was not enought to get into the final.

Favorit Ask has a full brother, Elvis Ter Putte who is approved in Belgium and was runner-up in the Belgian Jumping Championship for 4-years-old in 2008. The grandmother, Quinette Ter Putte has several placings in 150 cm-classes.

Favorit Ask has several offspring, who have been winning at foal or mares shows.
From his first year at the stallion approval in DW in 2014, French Match Ask got champion stallion with the notes 9,5 for technique and 10 for capacity.
After that a son was premium stallion in Germany.
In 2015 French Match Ask was champion stallion in the 4-years-old division. Aagardens Chico Ask was approved and premium stallion, and the approved Frodo Ask won the stallion test in autumn 2015.

Favorit Ask produces top modern jumpers, and in 2016 he is leading the interior index list of DW. Especially he is improving the forehand, the hindquarters and last but not least the top line. His offspring jump supple with great capacity and are very rideable. A few of them are higher than average, but most of them have a normal size.

Favorit Ask is approved in Danish Warmblood, Schwedisch Warmblood, Oldenburger Verband, Oldenburg-International and Hannoveranian Verband.

WFFS status: Negativ

Breeding fee: EUR 1.200,- + VAT



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