DVH 1139 | GREY | B. 2010 | 169 CM

Cornet's Stern Cornet Obolensky Clinton
Rabanna v. Clostersveld
St. Pr. St. Pasadena Pilot
Candy Girl Chacco-Blue Chambertin
Cha-Cha Contendro I

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- Champion stallion at the O.S. approval 2012
- Approved by Danish Warmblood 2013 with the note 9 for type
- In the final of the 5 and 7-years-old at Falsterbo Horse Show 2015 and 2017

In the pedigree of this beautiful, athletic stallion you will find jumping genes with international success.

During the approval in Oldenburg he presented himself with great overview, impressing technique, fast reaction as well as enormous elasticity and a good bascule.
Apart from this Cornettino Ask has ground covering gaits and a very good temper.

Cornettino Ask's first year of foals has fullfilled our expectations. The foals are all pretty, noble with long legs and many of them with a lot of expression and nice markings. Apart from this they have a ground covering gallop, just like we wish for a modern jumper.

The father, Cornet's Stern, already in his first years of foals produced 5 approved stallions as well as several talented young jumpers.

The motherfather, Chacco Blue, was internationally successful before he passed away - much too young of age. In 2012 he won the Grand Prix of Neumünster and in 2011 he placed third in the prestigeous Aachen Grand Prix under Andreas Kreutzer.

Cornettino's mother herself was successful in M-classes ridden by Fabiana Iqbal. Approved stallions like Zaandam, Fashion King, Caramsin, Landini, Wanthano, Conthotti, Akkord and dressage sires like Audax og Ferragosto are out of the same stemm.

During the approval of the Danish Warmblood 2013 Cornettino was approved with the note 9 for type and body with the following description:

Big-framed, long legged, nice lined stallion with good gender expression and outstanding type.
Pretty head, long and well placed neck. Long sloping shoulder and long well-marked withers.
Nice top line with good musculature.
Nice limbs, hoofs a little bit narrow.
Well balanced and ground covering canter. Jumps with great capacity.

Approval notes: 9-8-8-8-7-7-8-8

Cornettino Ask won the Championship of the 4-years-old at the show in Bækgaarden 2014 with the note 8,7.
2015 he won the 5-years-old Championship qualification at Absolut Horses with the result of 8,6.
He went into the final of the Scandinavian Open in Falsterbo in 2015 and ended up as the best Danish competitor in 9th place.

Cornettino Ask is approved at the Danish Warmblood, Oldenburger Verband, Oldenburg-International and Hannoveranian Verband.

WFFS status: Negativ

Breeding fee: EUR 1000,- + VAT



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