DVE 1010 | GREY | B. 2006 | 170 CM

Cassini I Capitol I< Capitano
Wisma Caletto II
Penelope I Contender Calypso II
Himalaja Lord

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- Champion stallion in Herning 2010
- He got eight times the note 9 at the stallion test 2009
- He was the father of the best 2-year-old jumping mare 2012, 2016 and 2017
- He is the father of 2 approved stallions and several medal mares in DW
- He is the father of the best placed Danish horse at the World Championship of young jumping horses 2015 and 2018
He has victories and placings up to 160 cm-classes himself

In 2010 he became champion stallion of the 4-years-old and approved with the note of 9 for total impression.

Description from the approval: jumping emphasized, big framed stallion with high legs and extraordinary type. Pretty head. Suitable long, well formed and placed neck.
Long, sloping shoulder. Long, well marked withers. Nice room to move at elbow.
Good over line. Supple loin. Middle long, well shaped and muscular croup. Good muscles at thigh. Well formed limbs.
Very good canter with god balance. Very good jumping technique and enormous capacity.

Approval notes: 9-8-9-9 7-8 8 9-9 9.

Ci Ci Senjor Ask also fullfilled our expectations with his first year of foals. The foals have long legs, are noble and all have a light and ground covering gallop, which is important for the modern jumping horse. As a jumping horse the offspring show great carefullness, capacity and good rideability.

Ci Ci Senjor Ask's jumping technique and capacity made him one of the best stallions of the year during the approval in Neumünster 2008.

Also during the approval at the Danish Warmblood in Herning 2009, Ci Ci Senjor Ask showed great technique and capacity, which gave him twice the note 9 from the judges.

During the Danish 35-days-test in 2009 Ci Ci Senjor Ask got no less than 853 points. He scored a 10 for his temper and a 9 for his canter, jumping technique and capacity.

As a 4- and a 5-years-old Ci Ci Senjor Ask was placed in the final of the Danish jumping Championship for young horses. As a 5-years-old he was placed in the final of the Scandinavian Open in Falsterbo, Sweden.

Ci Ci Senjor Ask represents the best blood lines of the international jumping breeding.

Cassini I – Contender – Lord – Landgraf I.
Each of these sires have been contributing to the fact, that the holsteiner horses are the best jumpers in the world!
The father Cassini I was an international jumper himself, first he competed under Bo Kristoffersen and later under Franke Sloothaak.

But as a sire Cassini I also managed to lift the heritage after his famous father, Capitol I.
Having given offspring like the World Champion Cumano, the European Champion Eurocommerce Berlin and the Olympic teamgoldwinner Carlsson vom Dach Cassini I is one of the most successful jumping horse producers at the moment.
His offspring have already won more than 1,8 mio. EUR in jumping competitions.

Also the mother's father Contender is an exceptional sire. Having more than 100 approved sons, and offspring who have won more than 4 mio. EUR, makes him a living legend! Montender/Marco Kutscher,
Checkmate/Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum and Collin/Toni Hassmann are just a few of the Contender offspring, who are successful in topsport at the moment. Lord and Landgraf I in the third and fourth generation are sires, who have been influencing the jumping horse breeding in the whole world!

The mare stemm 5421 goes back to the mare Omara by Logenschliesser, who via the mare Balade and her daughter Juvel have been giving very good sires in the German Hanoveranian breeding, like:

Don Bosco, Don Crusador, Hohenstaufen, Ramiro’s Bube and Ramiro’s Son. Balade is also the grandmother of the holstener sires Reichsgraf, Risotto and Quebeck. The sires Cantares, Codex, Landcassini, Camerino, Corpino and several more are all out of the same stemm as Ci Ci Senjor Ask.

The international jumpers Calaro/Geir Gulliksen, Quebec/Bernado Alves and Accobada/Torben Köhlbrandt also come from the same stemm.

Ci Ci Senjor Ask has been approved in Danish Warmblood, Swedish Warmblood, Oldenburger Verband, Oldenburg International and Holsteiner Verband.

WFFS status: Negativ

Breeding fee: EUR 1000,- + VAT



Video of Ci Ci Senjor Ask

See Ci Ci Senjor Ask winning the S jumping at the stallion approval in Herning 2014


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Offspring by Ci Ci Senjor Ask