DVH 1072 | GREY | B. 2008 | DEAD 2016 | 167 CM

Calido I Cantus Caletto I
Monoline H
Baroness VII Coriander
Cinderella C-Indoctro Capitol I
Vanessa VII
Rapunzel Rolando
Lady Lion

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- Champion sire at Danish Warmblood 2011
- Premium sire Oldenburg-International 2010

Cavall Ask was Champion sire in the strong crop of the stallion grading of the Danish Warmblood in Herning 2011.

Unfortunately Cavall Ask died much too young, but even though he has only been breeding for a few years he already made himself a name as a breeding sire. Among others he is the sire of the gold medal mare Beezie Ask.

He is an ultra modern sire in type, nobleness and stallion marks. Apart from this he had an excellent balance, capaciousness and setting of the canter, and last but not least he jumps with great capacity and very good technique.

All of this can be seen in his approval notes, which are as follows: 9-9-9-9 7-7 9-9-9 9

Grading description: Harmonic, big-framed stallion of excellent type. Pretty face. Rather long, well constructed neck. Long, sloping shoulder. Long, well marked withers. Good top line. Middle long, well build croup. Pretty good thigh muscles. Well build forelegs. Hindlegs: well build, narrow hoofs.
Excellent canter, jumping technique and capacity.

As a 4-years-old he won the B-final of the Danish jumping championship.
Competed in the final of the World Championship for Young Horses in Zangersheide and in the Danish jumping championship of the 5-years-olds.

2010 Cavall Ask was selected as a premium stallion during the stallion grading in Vechta, where he gained the fourth place of the crop.

2011 he became Champion sire at the stallion grading of the Danish Warmblood in Herning.

Sire of the jumping foal of the year in Danish Warmblood 2012.

His sire Calido by the legendary Cantus belongs to the top of the holsteiner jumping breeding. Calido is the sire of more than 150 horses with placings in S-classes, who until now have won more than 13 mio. DKK as prize money, where offspring like Coupe de Coeur/Ludger Beerbaum and Nobless M/Pius Schwizer are the most prominent. Calido has got more than 40 approved sons.

Cavall Ask is the first offspring out of the mare Cinderella, who won 6 level M-classes in 2010 herself. She is by C-Indoctro, who has been achieved the designation "Preferent" in KWPN as a jumping horse producer in Holland. As a sire of several top jumpers he is one of the most sought-after sires in the world. Out of the dam line we see the following approved stallions: Grando, Seidon, Shine On, Calvador and Lissabon. And the sport horses Numero Uno and Numero Due, both ridden by Mario Stevens, Charisma/Markus Fuchs, Weltenzauber, Fromecs Lacontaire and Le Grand, who are all at international S-level.

Cavall Ask is approved in Danish Warmblood, Oldenburg and Oldenburg-International.

WFFS status: Unkown / not testet

Only frozen semen
Breeding fee: EUR 800,- + VAT



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