DVE 842 | BROWN | B. 2001 | DEAD 2008 | 172 CM

Equest Carnute Obéron Du Moulin Laudanum XX
Herbe D'Auzay
Kune Dynamique
Urgrande F
Feine Dame II Caretino Caletto II
Sorinna Calypso I

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- One of the few approved sons of the jumping phenomenon Equest Carnute
- Father of two approved stallions and several medal mares
- In total 82 offspring in competition, amongst them the A-horses Canon Ask and Chacom Ask
- Out of the holstener mares stemm 730B

Unfortunately Carson Ask died much too young of age, just 7 years old, but in spite of the low number of offspring he already made himself a name as a sire.

Carson Ask was born in Germany 2001 and became premium stallion in Herning 2004. The stallion won his 30-days-test at Vilhelmsborg as well in the total resultas in the jumping discipline. In the jumping discipline he earned 924,2 points and 827,1 points in the total result.

Through the pedigree Equest Carnute - Caretino - Calypso I Carson Ask represents some very strong performance blood in the jumping horse breeding. The father Equest Carnute was internationally successful under Thomas Velin.

The chairman of the approval committee Poul Graugaard said: "Carson Ask is an extraordinary and very welcome contribution to the Danish jumping breeding".

Carson Ask became a B-horse in jumping himself and was taken in to the jumping program of Danish Warmblood. He jumped very practically and with great carefulness.
In Denmark in 2015 6 A-horses and 24 B-horses in jumping as well as 1 A-horse and 2 B-horses in dressage by Carson Ask have been registrated.

Carson Ask's foal charakterization:
Good size and rather homogenous, with long legs and good to very good type. Expressive face. Well placed, well shaped, suitable long neck. Long, sloping shoulder. Withers mittel long, some not really marked. Good top line. Well shaped, muscular croup. Limbs good, some with upright hocks. Basic gaits good in trot and walk, very good canter with good balance. The stallion can be used for a bic section of jumping mares. Will be able to add type and nobility.

His offspring are much sought-after amongst the riders, because they are rideable and jump carefully with good capacity.

Carson Ask has been approved in Danish Warmblood and Swedish Warmblood.

WFFS status: Unkown/ not testet

Only frozen semen
Breeding fee: EUR 800,- + VAT



Photos of Carson Ask


Offsprings by Carson Ask

Chacom Ask 
efter Carson AskChacom Ask
efter Carson Ask
Canon Ask 
efter Carson AskCanon Ask
efter Carson Ask
Heidi Ask 
efter Carson AskHeidi Ask
efter Carson Ask
Camillo Ask
efter Carson AskCamillo Ask
efter Carson Ask
Abildgaards Sonate e. Carson Ask guld for hold ved Nordisk Mesterskab 2017 og sølv individuelt.

Ejet af Skovgaarden.
Rytter Anne Katrine Koldborg Johansen.